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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

TBI DVD for Primary Care Providers

A few years ago a heartful TBI survivor gave me a copy of the  'The Silent Epidemic: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury', a DVD whose target audience was Physicians, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and MA's. 
The DVD is outstanding and the need for it continues to exist.  Unfortunately, the grant's funding ended.  
As it is a grant,  there are conditions under which it may be duplicated.  I have done so with the help of the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon and have  a few copies available. 
If have questions or are interested, I can be contacted at (503) 701-4681.  With the DVD I will send a copy of the old order blank and ask that you fill parts of it in as an indication that the DVD is still in demand in the hopes that more may be made available or an updated version be produced.      
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