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Ethics with Soul: Traditional Therapeutic Boundaries and
Digital Ethics in the Age of Google and Facebook

By Ofer Zur, PhD
Zur Institute, LLC

April 21, 2017

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

OMEF Event Center
11740 SW 68th Parkway
Portland, OR 97223

6 CE Hours

This is an intermediate-advanced course addressing the complexities of boundary issues in psychotherapy, and the basic ethical issues regarding telemental health. The course will differentiate between boundary crossing and boundary violation and discuss issues, such as self-disclosure, gifts, physical touch, bartering, home visits, home office, therapy outside the office, and multiple relationships. The importance of informed consent will be emphasized. It will also discuss digital ethics concerns, such as practicing across state lines, use of Skype in therapy, responding to negative Yelp reviews, as well as the use of email, texting in therapy, and other issues about telemental health. This unique course will incorporate popular movie clips to highlight context-based applications of therapeutic boundaries. It also emphasizes that flexible therapeutic boundaries and the practice of ethical risk-management can enhance therapeutic alliances and clinical outcomes.

Workshop Outline

Boundaries & Dual Relationships in Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry

  • On boundary crossings, boundary violations and dual relationships
  • The relationship between boundary crossings and the standard of care
  • Boundaries to be discussed:
    • Touch, gifts, self-disclosure, home visits, home office, therapy outside the office, bartering
    • Dual/Multiple relationships
  • How the employment of rigid boundaries can harm clients
  • APA's Code of Ethics about boundaries and dual relationships
  • Ethical decisions regarding boundaries dual relationships

Digital Ethics, TeleMental Health & the Psychology of the Web

  • Definition and scope of digital ethics
  • The ethical challenges regarding Social Networking
  • The Psychology of the web and its effect on the generational digital divide
  • Digital ethics considerations:
  • Clients Googling therapists
  • Responding to clients' negative Yelp reviews
  • Therapists Googling clients: ethical and clinical considerations
  • Crossing state lines: working with clients who reside in different states
  • Texting, Skyping, and e-mailing with clients
  • To accept or not to accept: the Facebook dilemma

Ethical Decision Making & Risk Management

  • Context in therapy and in ethical decision making
  • Process of ethical decision making and its application to everyday practice
  • Applying ethical-decision making to boundaries and multiple relationships
  • Standard of care
  • The standard of care & ethical risk management

Ofer Zur, PhD, is a consultant, licensed psychologist, writer, forensic consultant and lecturer from Sebastopol, CA and a Fellow of APA Division 42. Dr. Zur is the director of the Zur Institute, which offers over 170 unique and innovative online continuing education courses. He is a pioneer in the development of the ethical and effective managed-care-free psychotherapy practice and is a prolific writer and researcher. Dr. Zur taught at several, Bay Area, CA Graduate schools and has trained thousands of psychotherapists in his seminars, lectures and private consultations on Ethics with Soul, Therapeutic Boundaries, HIPAA, Dual Relationships, Standard of Care, Speed and Technology, Victims, and many more topics. He co-edited the landmark book, Dual Relationships and Psychotherapy, co-authored the useful HIPAA Compliance Kit and The Complete Fee-for-Service Private Practice Handbook and has published dozens of cutting-edge and widely cited articles and book chapters on therapeutic ethics, standard of care, boundaries and dual relationships. His book, Boundaries In Psychotherapy, the most comprehensive book on therapeutic boundaries to date, was published in 2007 by APA Books. His latest book is an edited book Multiple Relationships in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Unavoidable, Common and Mandatory Dual Relations in Therapy will be published in 2017 by Routledge, New York.


Click here for a printable PDF of more information about the workshop, and a registration form.

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